Open MDPs

The Management Development Programme (MDP) of IIM Jammu is a fast-paced and concentrated short duration programme focusing on the advancements in management philosophies and practice. The focus is to augment the managerial skills of executives and facilitate them to face new challenges and practices in the corporate world. The MDP Office at IIM Jammu creates, promotes, and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programmes for executives and administrative officers based within the country and at the international level. IIM Jammu always strive to enhance the learning quotient of the executives and help them continuously update their learning curve and helps them to enhance their career path.

Open Management Development Programme (MDP) is designed to offer learning opportunities in core and upcoming areas of work in organizations. The short-term training programmes are designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge along with an opportunity to learn from across industries. The Open MDPs are offered to executives and managers of different organizations within the country and at the international level. The programmes are designed for participants from diverse backgrounds not only to enhance their knowledge but also to ensure practical application of the learnings in your respective workplace. These programmes are offered to help executives who are in the transitory phase of their careers in various areas of specialization. IIM Jammu Open Programmes help you elevate your career by unlocking your full potential.

Open MDP calendar 2023-24 (Online & On Campus MDPs )
Sl. No. Program Title


Program Fees(Rs.)
(Excluding GST)

Date (From) Date (To)
1 Digital Transformation Essentials in Business Online/13.5 hrs 13500 12-May-23 13-May-23
2 Effective Writing for Managerial Success: An MDP for office administrators and managers Offline/12 hrs 15000 18-May-23 19-May-23
3 Data Analytics in Banking and Financial Services Online (Only on Saturdays) /30 hrs 30000 03-June-23 29-July-23
4 Operations Analytics Offline/18 hrs 22500 26-May-23 28-May-23
5 Econometrics for Decision Making Offline /30 hrs 37500 05-Jun-23 10-Jun-23
6 Financial Modelling Using Excel Online/12 hrs 12000 02-Jun-23 03-Jun-23
7 Influencer Marketing Offline/12 hrs 15000 09-Jun-23 10-Jun-23
8 Electronic Commerce: Key Trends and Strategies Online/12 hrs 12000 11-Jun-23 12-Jun-23
9 Marketing Analytics Online/30 hrs 30000 19-Jun-23 23-Jun-23
10 Designing and Managing Transformative Customer Experience Off-line/30 hrs 37500 19-Jun-23 23-Jun-23
11(a) Qualitative Analytics for Business Decisions Online/18 hrs 18000 28-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
11(b) Qualitative Analytics for Business Decisions Offline/18 hrs 22500 28-Jun-23 29-Jun-23
12 Leadership Skills for First-Time Managers: Trekking-based MDP in lower Himalayas Offline/30hrs 55,000 27-Nov-23 01-Dec-23
13 Fundamental Banking & Financial Analysis using Excel Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
No. of days: Max 45 days (Total 15 hours)
Every Saturday - 1.5 hours and Sunday - 1.5 hours)
- 06-April-24 05-May-2024