Open MDP

The Management Development Programme (MDP) of IIM Jammu is a fast-paced and concentrated short duration programme focusing on the advancements in management philosophies and practice. The focus is to augment the managerial skills of executives and facilitate them to face new challenges and practices in the corporate world. The MDP Office at IIM Jammu creates, promotes, and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programmes for executives and administrative officers based within the country and at the international level. IIM Jammu always strive to enhance the learning quotient of the executives and help them continuously update their learning curve and helps them to enhance their career path.

Open Management Development Programme (MDP) is designed to offer learning opportunities in core and upcoming areas of work in organizations. The short-term training programmes are designed for working professionals who wish to upgrade their managerial skills and knowledge along with an opportunity to learn from across industries. The Open MDPs are offered to executives and managers of different organizations within the country and at the international level. The programmes are designed for participants from diverse backgrounds not only to enhance their knowledge but also to ensure practical application of the learnings in your respective workplace. These programmes are offered to help executives who are in the transitory phase of their careers in various areas of specialization. IIM Jammu Open Programmes help you elevate your career by unlocking your full potential.

Open MDP calendar 2024-25
Sl. No. Program Title Program Mode Program Fee inclusive GST (Early Bird) Program Fee inclusive GST (Non Early Bird) Program Dates
Program Dates
Dates (To)
Early Bird Discount till Standard Fee Payment Link Online Application Form
1 Fundamental Banking & Financial Analysis using Excel Online - 15000 11-May-24 09-June-24 09-June-2024 - Closed Closed
2 Project Management for Executives, Aspiring Managers and Managers Online 14160 17700 02-Dec-24 29-Dec-24 29-Oct-2024 30-Oct-2024 to 30-Nov-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
3 Digital Transformation Essentials for Managers Online 12500 13500 08-June-24 09-June-24 28-May-2024 29-May-2024 to 07-June-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
4 Decision Making under Uncertainty Online 12500 13500 15-June-24 16-June-24 05-June-2024 06-June-2024 to 14-June-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
5 Executive Programme in Digital Marketing - Batch 4 Online 31860 37760 01-July-24 30-Sep-24 01-April-2024 02-April-2024 to 30-June-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
6 Generative AI for Managers Online 12500 13500 27-July-24 28-July-24 13-July-2024 14-July-2024 to 26-July-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
7 Data Analytics for Marketing Decisions Online 50000 59000 03-Aug-24 06-Oct-24 07-July-2024 08-July-2024 to 02-Aug-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
8 AI for Marketers: An Implementation Roadmap Online 50000 55000 03-Aug-24 06-Oct-24 20-July-2024 21-July-2024 to 02-Aug-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
9 Developing Effective Services Marketing Strategies Online 25960 28320 21-Sep-24 09-Nov-24 10-Aug-2024 11-Aug-2024 to 12-Sep-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
10 Strategic Product, Brand and communication Management Online 45000 49999 22-Sep-24 08-Dec-24 24-Aug-2024 25-Aug-2024 to 21-Sep-2024 Pay Now Apply Now
11 Entrepreneurial Data Strategy: Data Enabled Strategy formulation for entrepreneurs Online 12500 13500 07-Sep-24 22-Sep-24 31-07-2024 01.08.2024 to 31.08.2024 Pay Now Apply Now