FBFA using Excel

Fundamental Banking & Financial Analysis using Excel

Programme Overview

This programme is designed to help participants learn the fundamental banking and financial analysis using Excel. This programme is your answer to how you can analyse the company using various financial aspects. This program will guide you to use the Excel for analysing the financial statements, market data, visualization for financial metrics, and risk assessment of banks. Additionally, it will help to understand the impact of macro factors on financial and non-financial companies.

About the Programme

Banking and financial analysis is a crucial component of the modern financial world, playing a vital role in decision-making processes for both financial institutions and investors. Fundamental analysis is a method used to evaluate the financial health and performance of banks and other financial institutions, as well as other companies, by examining key financial statements, ratios, and various economic indicators.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that can greatly simplify and enhance the process of performing these analyses. This guide will introduce fundamental banking and financial analysis using Excel, highlighting its importance, key components, and the role of Excel in streamlining and automating the analysis. Whether you are a finance professional, investor, student, or anyone interested in understanding the financial health of banks and financial institutions, this introduction will set the stage for deeper exploration and application of financial analysis techniques.

Programme Highlights

  • Understanding the need of excel in banking and finance.
  • Analysing the credit risk of banks
  • Understanding the financial statements
  • Data collection, preparation, and visualization
  • Understand the role of macro-economic indicators and financial literacy.

Registration and Payment

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Payment process

  • Click on the payment link.
  • The link will land in the IIM Jammu Easy Collect portal.
  • Then select the Open MDP-AY-2023-24 in the collection drop down menu.
  • After entering the verification code, the next section will require the participant details.

Important Dates

Registration and fee payment last date 04th May 2024
Program start date 11th May 2024
Program end date 09th June 2024

Who should attend?

This programme is especially designed for professionals and students who want to dig deeper into the Excel application for analysing the fundamental of financial and non-financial firms.


  • Candidates graduating or graduated from any recognized university having minimum degree such as B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.Tech or equivalent.
  • Any Working professionals.

Program Modules

  1. Financial statement analysis
  2. Data organization, uses of formulas, data coding and so on.
  3. Credit Risk Assessment
  4. Market data analysis including Stock return, Beta, Cost of capital etc.
  5. Scenario and sensitivity analysis
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Measuring Bank’s profitability and stability
  8. Understanding the impact of macro-economic indicators in banking and finance
  9. Financial literacy
  10. Practical application using hands on exercise.

Program Delivery

Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

No. of days: Max 45 days (Total 15 hours)

Every Saturday - 1.5 hours and Sunday - 1.5 hours)


Participants will get the course completion certificate from IIM Jammu.

Programme Directors

Dr Bijoy Rakshit
Mob: 8847660855
Email: bijoy@iimj.ac.in

Dr Malaya Ranjan Mohapatra
Mob: 8984030282
Email: malaya@iimj.ac.in


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