EMBA Testimonial

Ms Smita Priyadarshini

Director (Managing Legal Counsel)
Boston Consulting Group India Private Limited


"IIM Jammu offers us courses related to management subjects which are very relevant to the practical requirements of our job in the field. It has a great faculty who are subject matter experts in their fields. Besides being subject matter experts, they are accessible online and offline to assist us in understanding concepts in case anyone finds it difficult to understand any concept. Besides the faculty, the best that IIM Jammu offers is a set of students who have a wide range of experience in their fields ranging from consultants working in international firms to people from the armed forces background to corporate lawyers and various other fields."

Mr. Amit Saha

Mr Bikash Ranjan Satapathy


  "There is a reason why IIMs are one of the most prestigious brands in the world. The rigor, quality, practical approach, and real-world problem solving is there to be experienced. You will certainly be a different person once you are through. You are not going to get your MBA degree, you have to earn it here. Being the first batch of IIMJ, it's always special. The program structure is stringent even though the program office and faculties (some of the best in the country) are always there to go the extra mile to help. It's as demanding as a regular program that tests your character. The immensely experienced batchmates (some have more than 20 yrs) from various domains, is just icing on the cake."

Mr. Gurmit Singh

Deputy General Manager (Finance)
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited


"Live as if we were to die tomorrow. Learn as if we were to live forever." 

-Mahatma Gandhi

"Initially, I was a little hesitant to join this course like any other person of my age. However, a meeting with Chairperson, Executive MBA, IIMJ ignite the fire I was suppressing for years. There are no regrets for the decision to join this Executive MBA course offered by IIM, Jammu. We are the first Batch. Term-I is already over. Happy to accept that IIMJ has kept its standards high like other IIMs in the country. We are made to work hard to earn each mark. The faculty, the course content, and the teaching methodology, all are excellent. Moreover, sitting with classmates having experience in diverse fields and domains is altogether a different experience. All of us participate in the class by sharing ample real-life experiences connected to the concepts we study in class. In fact, each one of us in the class is a teacher for the remaining of us. I am sure that a better version of ME will come out after completing these 2 years Executive MBA program.

Thanks, IIM Jammu."