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Srinagar Campus

Noida CampusIIM Jammu inaugurated its campus at Srinagar on January 24, 2020. The campus was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of HRD Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ in the presence of Mr. K.K. Sharma, Advisor to Hon’ble Lt Governor J&K, Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director IIM Jammu and dignitaries from Center and Govt. of J&K. Srinagar is the summer capital of J&K and the campus is located in the heart of the Srinagar city, on NH1 Nowgam which is at a distance of 10 Kms from the Sheikh ul Alam international airport Srinagar. The Srinagar campus has in-campus residence facilities and is build as a center of excellence in the area of executive education and Entrepreneurship. The transit campus will also have an incubation center promoting entrepreneurship in the region. Kashmir is known as Switzerland of Asia and Srinagar as ‘Heaven on Earth’. The picturesque city, located on the banks of river Jhelum, offers its visitors the best experience of time. IIM Jammu Srinagar Campus leverages the locational importance of Srinagar city by offering a blend of high quality training with a touch of heavens.

The IIM Jammu Srinagar Campus has focus on following major activities in its premises:

  • Management Development Centre for Capacity Building
  • Setting up Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Incubation Centre)

1. Management Development Centre for Capacity Building

Independent studies to unearth the potential of the state specific businesses and enterprises for identification of gap areas.

The gap areas fall broadly under the following categories:

  • Knowledge gaps
  • Skill gaps
  • Technology gaps
  • Managerial gaps
  • Infrastructural gaps

Therefore, various initiatives are taken as mentioned:

  • Training programs for knowledge creation and dissemination among the stakeholders viz Educated youth, MSMEs, government institutions, Public Funded Research Organizations and alike.
  • Management Development Programs (MDPs), short-term (online and offline modular programs, open and customized programs for various organizations) 
  • Technology consulting, roundtable conferences, seminars for conceptualization, commercialization and upgradation of technologies, transfer of know-how and technology transfer.
  • Programs centred on opportunity identification, strategizing, leadership development, business models and other domain specific initiatives in the area of operations, marketing, information technology, finance etc.
  • Executive Development Programmes (EDPs), MDPs and Advanced Management Programmes for the members of statutory and regulatory bodies to create a very conducive and vibrant business environment in the state and region.
  • To fulfil the gaps for the existing enterprises through skill development programmes, capacity development programs as deemed fit in time and space. Efforts will be made in constructing and conducting customized executive programmes for various organizations including corporate, government, PSUs, educational institutions, regulatory bodies etc. Customized programmes will address their specific requirements and provide them strategic solutions and suitable development interventions. These programmes will be crafted and designed in close association with the stakeholders to ensure value added delivery.
  • e-Enabled programmes will be offered through cutting-edge technology. This will provide knowledge and learning support to business executives and management talent in real-time through highly interactive and live sessions from our studios.
  • Our open enrolment programmes will offer a broad portfolio of short duration courses designed for various specialized areas. These programmes will allow management talent to select the programme based on interest and professional requirement.  
  • Promised and untapped business opportunities will be identified, feasibility studies to be performed and to provide assistance in execution.
  • Entrepreneurial awareness and booth camps for developing and promoting entrepreneurship in the state and region.

Programmes Offered

  • Management Development Programmes.
  • Faculty Development Programmes.
  • Executive Development Programmes.
  • Leadership Development Programmes.
  • Sponsored Research and Consulting.
  • Online Interactive Training programmes for working executives
  • Workshops, Round-Table Conferences/National/International conferences.
  • Incubation
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

2. Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Incubation Centre)

In line with the initiatives and provisions of NITI Aayog, impetus to job creation via entrepreneurship is a highly focused area. It will not only transform the business initiatives but will also provide self-reliance to the Campus of IIM Jammu at Srinagar. The focus is on developing business incubation Center that creates success stories. The promising proposals will be screened and shortlisted based on their viability to fulfil the value gap.

Initially 5 proposals of such promise and potential will be nurtured for one complete year with a required physical and intellectual infrastructure. After assimilating the learnings of zeroth year, further ten such proposals will be worked upon every subsequent year.

Incubation Model Pipeline of Incubates

  • Every year, Campus of IIM Jammu at Srinagar would incubate around 10 projects for becoming future start-ups.  
  • These incubatees will be selected through a competitive screening process and presentations from potential start-ups.
  • These incubatees will be monitored for the actions they are taking in order to facilitate their growth.
  • The incubatees will be screened and those who exhibit most growth potential will be accelerated with all possible supports.
  • Develop a program to allow self-selection of incubatees with those showing most potential progression to higher levels of intervention

A 'Screening Committee' is constituted to examine the incubatees' proposal and recommend for the selection. The selection is based on a review of technical documentation and a business plan defining the proponent's business venture. If necessary, a detailed technical and commercial assessment of the proposal is made before the tenant is admitted to the incubator. A quarterly milestone and monthly status report will have to be submitted by the incubatee so as to track their progress.