Influencer Marketing


An influencer is a celebrity on social media platforms and undertakes a brand promotion task for compensation. Influencer marketing refers to the marketing communication undertaken by an influencer on their social media pages regarding the brand’s offering. Many such influencers have large numbers of followers. Specifically, one of the advantages of engaging with the influencers is that the cost associated with the influencer is less than the celebrity, resulting in ROI improvement.

Thus, billions of dollars of revenue is generated through influencer marketing. In this MDP, the participants will be able to learn how to become an influencer and how to use an influencer’s power to build a powerful brand.

Programme Objective

  • Knowing what an influencer is
  • Understanding how to become a successful influencer
  • Identifying influencers for the campaign

The specific learning outcomes from the course are:

Content & Mode Of Conduction

This programme will be conducting Offline mode to cover following content:

  • Introduction to influencer marketing
  • Growing and engaging your audience
  • Identifying right influencers
  • Engaging influencers

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring influencers
  • Brand Managers

Programme Particulars

Programme Directors Dates &
Programme Fees (excluding GST) Registration Link
Dr Mahesh Gadekar Start Date : 09 June, 2023
End Date : 10 June, 2023