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Indian Institute of Jammu is the newest addition to the IIM family. Being the youngest, we are filled with the energy and enthusiasm to establish a strong industry-academia connect. At IIM Jammu we believe that it is critical to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. It is important that academia understands and delivers up to the expectations of the industry. At the same time, it is important for the industry to extend full support the academia to ensure that the students are future-ready.

With the presence of industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the Board of Governors, IIM Jammu gets the required impetus to encourages faculty and students to actively interact and engage with the corporate world. Corporate engagements at IIM Jammu are structured around various modes and channels. Some of these are:

Avenues for Corporate Engagement

  • Leadership Talk Series

    The leadership Talk Series is the platform to invite the thought leaders from different sections of society to share their expertise and life/corporate journey with the students of IIM Jammu to inspire them to rise high in life. It also aims at minimizing the gap between classroom learning and the ground realities of the business world by learning from the experiences of industry experts, academicians and entrepreneurs by the invited talks.

  • Visiting Faculty

    It is always a constant endeavour at IIM Jammu to get the best of the people to teach students. Apart from a team of regular faculty members chosen from reputed institutes, IIM Jammu invites industry professionals to teach at IIM Jammu especially in the niche areas to provide great deal of practical insights and hands-on experience to the students.

  • Guest Speakers

    The experts from the corporate world are invited on regular basis to deliver a talk on a pertinent topic. The aim is to keep the students abreast about the latest trends and developments in different functional areas of management. The speakers share a practical world-view, real experiences, challenges and reinventions, inside industry knowledge, with the students for their learning and inspiration.

  • Workshops

    The workshops are another great way to provide students the exposure to latest trends and developments. Workshops allows organizations to interact with a focused group of students for the purpose of generating awareness, skill development, testing of ideas and technologies etc.

  • Live Projects/case studies

    At IIM Jammu, we believe that the real learning happens when the students get to work on the real problems and challenges faced by the organizations. Live projects, thus provide that opportunity to students wherein they can get immersed into solving some complex issues/problems and get to work on real-life case studies. In turn, the organizations get an outside perspective from the young and sharp minds.

  • Consulting Assignments

    At IIM Jammu, consultancy and professional activities are encouraged as these form integral parts of education, training and research activities both of the Institute as well as of individual faculty. The objective behind undertaking consultancy and professional activities is to help improve management systems in various work organizations, and there from acquire insights into the knowledge application and problem solving. It is envisaged that learning derived from consultancy and/or professional activities would be made use of in class-room teaching and training sessions, and also in publication and research. We thus, solicit the consulting assignment from the organizations.

  • Events – Participation and Sponsorships

    Every year IIM Jammu organises various events like CEO Summit, HR Conclave, Women Leadership Summit, Annual Fest etc. Industry stalwarts are invited to deliver talks, be a part of panel discussions and judge various competitions. This way they also get to see the energy and potential of the students of IIM Jammu. Corporates also collaborate and provide sponsorships for such events that matches their line of businesses.

  • Internships

    Internships are a wonderful way to get the first-hand experience of working in the corporates and to understand the dynamics involved. Summer internship is an integral part of the MBA programme and each student is required to undertake an internship for a period of 8-10 weeks with any of the organization during the month of April-May. At the same time, the organizations get to observe and evaluate the students for a longer duration and hence they are in a better position to gauge the potential and the suitability of the candidate for permanent employment.

  • Final Placements

    In the world of 'War for Talent', the most important thing for the organizations is to hire the best in order to deliver the best to their clients. IIM Jammu each year presents a set of extremely talented individuals ready to join the corporate world. The placement team coordinates and extends full support to the organizations for a great recruitment experience.