Programme Structure

The Ph.D. program at IIM Jammu has been categorized into the following four components:

  • Mandatory Course Work
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Thesis Proposal Formulation and Research
  • Thesis Submission and Defense


Research scholars will be encouraged to complete the Doctoral Program within three years that includes one year of rigorous course work to develop basic skills for analyzing managerial problems. Research scholars shall take MBA level courses and advanced doctoral in the Area of specialization followed by the Ph.D. thesis. The thesis work is aimed at providing an opportunity to make an original contribution to an area of management or one of its source disciplines.

Mandatory Course Work

During the first year of the Program, the research scholars acquire knowledge of the discipline and functional areas of management and general management. Regardless of their Area of specialization, the research scholars take a compulsory set of courses in the first year. The research scholars acquire an in-depth knowledge of the Area of specialization and related fields. In addition, they take the MBA/Doctoral Level elective courses, which are specially designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the Area of their research as well as to develop research Skills. During this phase, students interact closely with their area faculty and are encouraged to start exploring areas of research in their specialization. At the end of the first year, they undergo a summer research assignment under the advice guidance of his/her Academic Advisor.

Comprehensive Examination

On completion of the first-year course work, the research scholar takes the comprehensive Examination. This examination is administered at the end of the 1st year. It tests whether the student has obtained a satisfactory level of knowledge in her/his Area of specialization and whether s/he has satisfactorily assimilated the various courses taken by him/her in the Area.

While the course work formally gets over with the completion of the Comprehensive Examination, scholars are encouraged to continue taking advanced courses of interest even further into their research work.

Thesis Advisory Committee

The Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) will be formed in the First Term of the 1st year. The TAC will be formed by internal faculty members from the Area in consultation with the Research Scholar. The TAC for the respective candidate will be recommended by the Area to Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) and will comprise of two internal faculty members and the third member from abroad. Faculty members with proven research credentials and publications in the area of specialization in which research scholar wants to pursue his/ her research will be the members of the TAC. Preference will be given to all faculty members with previous experience of Ph.D. supervision.

The student develops a written thesis proposal, and with the agreement of the thesis advisor gives an Open Seminar on the thesis proposal. The proposal has to be approved by the Doctoral Research Committee (DRC).

Thesis Submission and Defense

On approval of the thesis proposal, the scholar works closely with the TAC on his/her thesis work. When the candidate’s supervisor judges that the Thesis is complete, the scholar gives a seminar on the thesis work and subsequently defends the Thesis orally before a thesis examination committee. The Chairperson (Ph.D.) appoints the thesis examination committee comprising the thesis advisor and other members.

Program Duration

Ph.D. is a full-time residential program. The scholar is expected to complete the Program in three years. Under special circumstances, an extension may be granted to the scholar with Fellowship up to four years on the recommendation of TAC. In any case, the entire Program should finish within five years. If a scholar fails to complete the requisite academic works for the Ph.D. within this specified period, then s/he has to withdraw from the Program. The scholar’s registration will be terminated on the completion of five years.

Scholars are not permitted to take up employment/ outside assignments during the Program. If violated, suitable disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Program, may be initiated by the Ph.D. Committee.

The program duration will be as follows:

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Yeard 4th Year

Course Work and Comprehensive Exam

Thesis Proposal and Research

Research Work and Thesis Submission and Thesis Defense

The extension may be granted on the recommendation of TAC


After completion of all requirements of the Program, the scholar is awarded the “Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)” degree.

Other Issues

TAC is responsible for guiding and monitoring the progress of Ph.D. scholars. This includes issues such as periodic performance appraisal, the continuation of the fellowship, and comprehensive examination.