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The motto of IIM Jammu is ‘सा विद्या या विमुक्तये’ (sā vidyā yā vimuktaye), which means ‘that is knowledge which liberates’. True to its motto, IIM Jammu is on the path to developing into an institution of boundless learning. One of the aspects of this goal is exposure to global issues through an internationally-inclusive curriculum and faculty/student body. To facilitate the achievement of this goal, IIM Jammu has established an international exchange program for both students and faculty. The objectives of this program are to develop collaborative relationships towards developing academic curricula, exchange of students/faculty to gain international experiences, organizing events of research dissemination and executive training.

IIM Jammu offers students a unique opportunity to experience a culture that is a distinct amalgamation of several different regional flavours into its inherent Indian-ness. From its protected environment, both students and faculty can savour this exciting phase of its liberation from a turbulent legacy. Being one of the institutions being developed as institutions of national importance by the government of India, IIM Jammu is inextricably woven into the development story of the region.

In this context, IIM Jammu invites students and faculty to apply to be a IIM Jammu for short- and long-term exchange relationships.