The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Skill Development (CEISD) has been instituted at IIM Jammu to work towards the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation at the grass-root level across the length & breadth of Jammu & Kashmir while seeking and nurturing partnerships with the local as well as central government, towards this aim. With this purpose in mind, the institute is working towards its aims viz.

  • Nurturing entrepreneurship through formal business incubation.
  • Understanding the challenges of the region and developing solutions for the same.
  • Undertaking research into the resources/challenges of the region with a view to suggesting policy guidelines regarding the same.
  • Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among the students of the region.

To fulfil these objectives of the CEISD, IIM Jammu has formalised IIM Jammu Foundation for Entrepreneurship Innovation & Skill Development (IIMJ-FEISD), a Section 8 company registered by and at IIM Jammu, to encourage, promote and sustain activities & programs promoting/nurturing Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Skill-development in the region.

Incubation Policy

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Send the completed application to cio@iimj.ac.in