Data Analytics in Banking and Financial Services


Data Analytics in Banking and Financial Services" is a professional development program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of data analytics and its applications in the banking and financial services industry. The course covers key topics such as data collection, data analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

The course begins by introducing the importance of data analytics in the banking and financial services industry, including how it can help organizations make better decisions, improve risk management, and enhance customer experiences. It then explores key concepts related to data analytics, such as data quality, data governance, and data privacy.

Programme Objective

Banking and financial services are of crucial importance for any economy. The financial services sector primarily deals with a range of financial products and services such as banking, mortgages, credit cards, payment services, tax preparation and planning, accounting, and investing. In light of internationalization and globalization, thriving competition in banking and financial services necessitates a critical scrutiny of several products and services that are delivered to its customers by various kinds of financial institutions.
In a data-driven world, where banking products and financial services are becoming increasingly commoditized data analytics in banking and financial services can play a significant role in helping the banking sector to differentiate their products in a competitive market and gain a competitive edge. Data analysis aids decision-making units to drive organizations forward, increase competition and efficiency, improve profitability, and achieve business goals.
Considering the importance of data analytics, this course provides an overview of techniques applied in obtaining insights from banking and financial data.

Content & Mode Of Conduction

This programme will be conduct online to cover following content:

  • Data Analytics and decision-making for bankers
  • Financial markets, instruments, institutions, and services
  • Stock market analysis
  • Modelling financial risks
  • Financial literacy
  • Identifying the red flags in banking and financial services through data analytics

Who Should Attend

Professionals working in different sectors who want to gain a better understanding of real-life events in banking and finance. Graduates who want to pursue doctoral studies can potentially benefit from this course.

Programme Particulars

Programme Directors Dates &
Programme Fees (excluding GST) Registration Link
Dr. Bijoy Rakshit
Dr. Jai Kamal
Dr. Manu Bansal
Start Date : 03 June, 2023
End Date : 29 July,    2023
Online(Only on Saturdays)