The Logo


The core principles of IIM Jammu are portrayed aptly by our logo, depicting the dynamic and sharp leadership of a flying eagle.. The distinct quality of an eagle, of training its young ones in a unique manner, relates to the philosophy of our institute. A young eagle is made to go through a tough, rigourous but rewarding training, which prepares it for the hardships of the real world. Our institute too creates an environment filled with academic rigour training and our students to emerge as dynamic leaders, prepared to efficiently tackle the challenges of the world.

The six elements in both the wings symbolizes the six core values of IIM Jammu:

  • Indian Ethos & Business Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusive & Sustainable

Logo elements: The circle at the top represents the rising sun which signifies new possibilities and beginnings for our graduates and alumni.

Logo Font: The bold lettering reflects a firm base and rootedness.

Logo Colors: The blue colour signifies the endless sky (the sky is the limit). The rich maroon colour signifies fertility and growth, as well as rootedness in Indian culture.

Motto: Our motto, in Sanskrit, सा विद्या या विमुक्तये, means to "It is knowledge that liberates".

Logo Credits: Shri Tarun Giridhar and Team, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad and Ms. Jhalak Sahay for adding colour to the logo.