Financial Modelling Using Excel


"Financial Modelling Using Excel" is a management development program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of financial modelling and its applications in business decision-making. The course covers key topics such as financial analysis, forecasting, valuation, and risk management.

The course begins by introducing the importance of financial modelling in business decision-making, including how it can help organizations make better decisions, improve forecasting accuracy, and enhance overall performance. It then explores key concepts related to financial modelling, such as data collection, model design, and model implementation.

Programme Objective

The program envisages sharpening excel and modelling skills of participants. It aims to explain clearly and concisely the implementation of important financial models using Excel. The specific learning outcomes from the course are: (1) Understanding advanced features of Excel; (2) Understanding the ingredients of a good financial model and global best practices; (3) Developing skills in creating a project evaluation model and risk-analysis; (4) Developing Equity Valuation Models

The specific learning outcomes from the course are:

Content & Mode Of Conduction

This programme will be conducting Online mode to cover following content:

  • Excel Essentials for Modelling
  • Global best practices in Modelling
  • Project Evaluation and Risk Analysis
  • Financial Statement Modelling
  • Equity Valuation

Who Should Attend

  • Executives in Finance & Investment domain desirous of harnessing power of excel in their work.
  • Researchers and Academicians
  • Anyone seeking to integrate excel in financial applications

Programme Particulars

Programme Directors Dates &
Programme Fees (excluding GST) Registration Link
Dr. Pankaj K. Agarwal Start Date : 02 June, 2023
End Date : 03 June, 2023