Electronic Commerce: Key Trends and Strategies


Initially viewed as Sunrise sector, E-Commerce has come a long way to become a pervasive eco-system touching all the verticals of the Industry and Government. Growing participation of the businesses in E-commerce combined with changing expectations of the consumers has resulted in an ever evolving and dynamic ecosystem. In Indian scenario, regulations and initiatives of the Government such as ONDC have given rise to new opportunities and challenges for the business communities.

This program offers a comprehensive overview of E-commerce ecosystem including online consumer behavior, technological advancement (such as adoption of blockchain, cloud technologies, Metaverse), innovative business models and related regulatory aspects.

Programme Objective

The program is designed to make the business leaders aware about the latest developments in the E-commerce scenario such that they are able to take informed decision about implementation of the state-of-the-art technologies and business models in their respective businesses. The program will help the non-technical business leaders confidently engage with the technical experts to design appropriate business case for their organization.

Content & Mode Of Conduction

This programme will be conducting Online mode to cover following content:

  • Network effects: How companies can influence behaviour of its customers in order to trigger continuous customer growth.
  • Platform business model: How the platform business models are different from traditional/pipeline business model.
  • Consumer behaviour online: How to design the product offerings in a way such that the consumers can make more efficient and effective decision while purchasing the products/services online.
  • Technical infrastructure for E-commerce: How to deploy technologies such as cloud, IoT, blockchain, digital currencies to have effective presence in the digital world.
  • Brand management in digital world: How to stand out in the crowded digital space.
  • Growth strategies and competitive landscape: How to effectively employ the omni-channel strategies under present scenario.
  • Regulatory aspects and Government initiatives: What are the regulatory aspects that are to be considered and how companies can participate in Government initiative such as ONDC in India.

Who Should Attend

The program is aimed at the team leaders, functional heads, and CXOs (irrespective of their domain of works) who want to gain managerial perspective for engaging with digital technologies to capture new opportunities in the E- commerce scenario. The content is specially designed for non-technical managers. However, technical persons will also find the program useful as they can learn managerial perspective of the use of the technology in their organization.

Programme Particulars

Programme Directors Dates &
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Dr. Sudip Das
Dr. Ayan Paul
Start Date : 11 June, 2023
End Date : 12 June, 2023