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Student Council

At IIM Jammu, there is an excellent opportunity for the students to practically implement their learning and make a positive impact. One such great starting place is the Students' Council, which is responsible for the planning, execution and management of all the student related activities on Campus. The Students' Council is an elected body collectively responsible for the overall benefit of the students including and not limited to managing the hostels, carrying out co-curricular activities, taking care of academic related concerns, representing the college, organizing cultural and sports activities. The Council has been re-structured from time to time keeping in mind the new demands. With constant suggestions and support from the entire student fraternity, administration and the faculty, the endeavors undertaken by the council are largely successful. As the council is supreme body of student fraternity, it strives in all possible ways for the better future of IIM Jammu students.

Dr. Somu Gorai

Dr. Ashish Kumar

Chairperson, Students Affairs
Dr. Somu Gorai

Dr. Apoorva

Co-Chairperson, Students Affairs

List of the Council members for the year 2022-2023




Prakshep Dhiman


Shrey Mandora


Neelambuj Roy

Infrastructure Secretary




Keshav Grover

Cultural Secretary

Ajay Chandra

Sports Secretary

Yash Aggarwal

Academic Secretary




Rishabh Kumar

Mess Secretary



List of the Council members for the year 2021-2022

Post Name Name of the Student
President Amaresh Tiwari
Vice President Umang Gupta
Infrastructure Secretary Ayush Mohan Singh
Cultural Secretary Rangoli Gupta
Sports Secretary Abhishek Yadav
Academic Secretary Srajan Singh
Mess Secretary Yelinje Rohit Ravindra