PhD Program at a Glance

About Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is a full-time doctoral programme that offers research scholars opportunities for advanced studies and research in different areas of 'management'. The programme aims to prepare research scholars for careers in teaching and research in management studies, for careers in the academic institutions and in other related disciplines and organizations that require advanced analytical and research capabilities. The Programme offers its research scholars a unique opportunity to engage in high-quality intra-disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary research. The Programme is committed to educating scholars who will become leaders in their fields of research. The complete guidelines about Ph.D. are given in the Ph.D. Handbook which will be given to each scholar at the time of registration to the programme. 

Candidate with post-graduation degree can complete Ph.D. in 3 years time.

Objective of the Programme

  • The objectives of the programme are:
    • To provide research scholars with necessary skills to identify and research complex issues in the field of management.
    • To contribute to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge in the field of management.
    • To do research and publications of international standard in inter-disciplinary management areas that will add value to the society and to the body of knowledge.
    • To meet the teaching and research manpower needs of academia and industry by producing highly skilled individuals with exceptional analytical ability and trained in conducting specialized research.