About HxMDP Background & Program


Successful healthcare organizations do not just happen - and they do not just stay successful. They flourish because individually successful people do the right things at the right time in the right circumstances.

Medical professionals in leadership roles in hospitals and other healthcare organizations require competencies and approach to health systems that is significantly different from the core clinical expertise that most professionals possess. In a study done by the Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi on the competencies of Indian Healthcare Leaders found that most respondents felt that they needed to acquire necessary leadership and managerial skills and competencies.

The domains of skill gaps that were identified in the study are – Accountability, Strategic Orientation, Relationship Building, Process Management, Financial Management, Achievement Orientation, Performance Management and Human Resource Management.

The Program

The Healthcare Executive Management Development Programme (HxMDP) is designed with a focus on imparting essential skills and competencies to senior healthcare professionals holding administrative positions in their organizations. The programme aims to “enhance healthcare leaders' abilities to plan, organize, control, and lead their organizations and enable them discover new ways to handle issues, seize challenges and take their organizations and people to new directions.”

Organized by Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi and The Research Foundation of Hospital & Healthcare Administration (RFHHA), the program has been in existence since Aug 2007 and in over a decade it is established as a prominent MDP in Hospital & Healthcare Management addressing the needs of healthcare leaders.

The program is focused on Management & Administrative themes for health systems and hospitals.

  1. Need for the Program

Healthcare systems are experiencing increasing fiscal, demographic and consumer pressure. There have been metamorphic changes in the recent past in the sphere of healthcare delivery more pronounced in the Covid pandemic. These are heightened with increased expectations of clientele and providers of healthcare, enhanced standards of care, accreditation and health insurance.

The program HxMDP is designed as a HR intervention, through which it is envisaged to: -

  • Enhance the skillsets of Professionals in the leadership roles, experience sharing by key professionals and faculty.
  • Provide learning through Problem-based learning, Case methods and experience sharing by the participants and faculty
  • Additionally, interactive sessions and group discussions are aimed at sharpening of analytical skills.

The programme addresses the learning needs of the medical professionals in the leadership roles in the public and private sectors, like Facility Directors, Director Health Services, Medical Superintendents, Directors/ Principals of teaching / tertiary care hospitals etc.