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Student Clubs

Aapoorti - Supply Chain Management Club 


Aapoorti- Supply Chain Management and Logistics Club of IIM Jammu, strives to nurture the interests of the student community in the operations domain by enhancing knowledge and awareness among them. The club aims to create various learning opportunities by conduct knowledge sharing sessions for the students, simulation games, case study competitions, and certification programs focused on operations and supply chain. 

Adventure Club 


Adventure Club of IIM Jammu targets a set of life-changing experiences and achieves each of them via meticulous planning, budgeting low-cost, and environment-friendly approaches, experiencing each of these adventures with simplicity and humility

Agri-tech Club 


The Agri-tech Club of IIM Jammu aims to create an ecosystem of Agri-tech in colleges, and among the B-schools. The club intends to focus upon the most important economic contributor to our GDP among the student community. To increase the growth of Agri-tech start-ups in our institute. To be the first institute club across IIM which would pave way for more such clubs across other IIMs.

Alpha -The Investment Club


Alpha-The Investment Club of IIM Jammu’s purpose is to create financial awareness among the students and to provide peer-to-peer discussion forums for equity investments. The club will also familiarize the students with the basics of equity markets including the fundamental and technical analysis tools.

Arles-The Art Club of IIM Jammu 

Arles-The Art Club of IIM Jammu’s purpose is to provide a platform for the students to showcase their artistic talents and increase the sense of inventiveness among all. The club wouldn't be singularly confined to any one domain of art but will include various forms of creative expression, from manual to digital. The purpose attached is to encourage and prepare students to be corporate-ready with designing talents.

BAAZAR - A student-run stall 


Bazaar- A Student-run stall club of IIM Jammu will have a designated stall inside the camp promote entrepreneurship, initially, club members will operate the stall and later anyone can operate it based on a tender auction.

Bandish-The Music Club


Every element in the universe resonates with one another to give a Melodic composition, Bandish. Just like that, we, the music club at IIM J captures the melody of the music within the individuals resonating with the versatile sounds in the habitat. With the unfeigned meaning, Bandish aims to give impetus to the musical talent of the campus and to bind together the whole IIMJ cohort in a beautiful string made up of musical composition. The club uses music as a medium to relieve stress, reinvigorate the soul, and get the best of campus musicians to inculcate a habit of celebrating every little thing with a pinch of music. Bandish escorts organized workshops for music enthusiasts while providing them a platform to showcase their skills. The club also organizes recreational meets every once in a while.

Coinage-Economics Club


Coinage-club of IIM Jammu’s purpose is to help students understand the linkage of economics to real-world business problems and news. The club would aim to teach students to evaluate the economic aspect of not only India but all the major economies and understand the inter-relation that these economies share.

DARPAN-The Theatre Club


Darpan's philosophy is derived from its name. The club is dedicated to promoting high-quality theatre. The club aims to encourage fresh talent at the institute. It aspires to portray society's various threads via the medium of art. Darpan will also work towards active participation of the students in events organized by Malhar; it will also work towards bringing out the best artists performing in front of the batch. In theatre, the literary skills of storytelling and poetry are combined with the realm of live performance. It serves as a stress reliever and a recreational pastime for both the performers and the audience. It also provides an added learning of teamwork, public speaking (dialogue deliveries), time management, etc. And all this is important for a leader.

Debating Society

The Debating Society Club at IIM Jammu conducts debates and group discussions in various formats on topics such as education and technology, environment, and society.

DHAROHAR – The Heritage club

Dharohar-The Heritage club of IIM Jammu aims to help the IIM Jammu community in exploring the rich heritage of Jammu and Plan tours to unexplored heritage sites and nearby places.

Digital Marketing Club

Creativity is one skill that will always need the intervention of the human mind and thus in a world that is digitalizing more and more every day, and everything is being substituted by machines and AI, the skill of creative designing and editing is becoming more sought after in the industry. Another reason for the same is that digital marketing is the need of the hour for all the businesses in the industry and content is the heart and soul of digital marketing. The intent of the club is to supply all the students at our institute with all the general skills and knowledge required to start their journey of creation – the creation of innovative and relative content that will assist them in achieving greater heights in the two years of MBA as well as in their career.

Photography Club - DRISHTI

The club at IIM Jammu provides an encouraging environment for all the photo enthusiasts to share their skills, experience, and passion. The members of the club will be exposed to leverage the opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other committees to improve their creativity and knowledge. The Club plays an integral role in making the events of IIM Jammu successful and memorable.

ESCON- Consulting club

ESCON is a student-driven consulting and strategy club of IIM Jammu. The club aims to equip the students with a structured approach to make informed decisions on management consulting careers and provide opportunities to promote the all-round development of the students. It aspires to help students develop an understanding of the profession by bringing avenues of industry interaction, panel discussions, live projects, case competition, and organizing events. It helps the students to take a holistic look at specific problems companies are dealing with and give advice on how they should approach them. The club anchors these efforts by creating forums for aspirants to learn and imbibe skills and best practices from industry experts

Film Club IIMJ - The movie screening Club

The purpose of Film Club of IIM Jammu is to build a community of cinema appreciators at IIM Jammu. By screening movies/documentaries from different nations, we aim to widen our thinking horizon and sensitize students to different cultures and events. Films are also an excellent way to get people talking, as they create an atmosphere for people to get together and share their opinions and theories on aspects of the film. Strong friendships, and even relationships, have been formed just from the watching and sharing of movies. The club would provide the students at IIM Jammu with a much necessary break from their hectic academic schedules.

Groove-The Dance Club

Groove, The Dance Club of IIM Jammu provides an opportunity to all the students of IIMJ who are passionate about Dancing. Groove plays an integral role in making the events of IIM Jammu more vibrant by choreographing various team and individual dance performances. The club makes sure to offer a platform to Dance as well as Fitness enthusiasts for whom music acts as a stress buster.

Kartavya - The Social Activist Club

As the title suggests that all the activities under this Kartavya -The Social Activist club of IIM Jammu will be extended to broader areas of concern to society, natural well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Kisse aur Kahaniyan-Poetry and Writers Club

Kisse aur Kahaniyan -the poetry and writers club of IIM Jammu is a unique initiative for the poetry and writing enthusiasts. The club provides a platform to budding poetry and writers to connect, communicate, and collaborate with a new community of writers and also enhance their skills in the field of poetry and writing.

Matrix- The Business Analytics Club

The Matrix-The Business Analytics Club of IIM Jammu club, through its presence and operations, would satisfy the following purposes:

  • Create a culture of openness (to knowledge & information), an atmosphere of experimentation and collaboration, and a platform for students to strengthen their foundations and explore their interests in the world of analytics;
  • Provide an avenue for analytics aspirants to acquire in-depth domain knowledge;
  • Facilitate hands-on learning by promoting, educating, and training students on various tools and programming languages;
  • Provide access and facilitate information sharing on data repositories, e- libraries, journals, newspapers, blog posts, articles, and other online resources
  • Provide opportunities for analytics majors and aspirants to acquire skills, get certified, and equip themselves (theoretically & practically) to tackle internships and recruitment processes, and eventually project themselves into a career in analytics;
  • Facilitate a superficial (yet profound) and functional understanding of the world of analytics for laymen, while providing avenues of further research that capture the essence (for business majors) without delving into technicalities;
  • Provide an avenue for all students to revise and further their understanding of concepts discussed in classrooms, get doubts clarified, and improve their approach to better perform in exams;
  • Promoting collaboration and knowledge transfer between experienced and inexperienced members, as well as students.

Financial Analytics Club

Financial Analytics Club of IIM Jammu is a student-driven career-focused initiative. The primary objective of the club is to inculcate interest in finance. The activities are scheduled in a manner that helps the students prepare in their placement season and provides them practical approach to finance.

NEELAM – Sales Club

Neelam-The Sales Club of IIM Jammu aims to give students a better understanding of sales prospectus and master sales methods to expand their network.

Nidhi - Corporate Finance Club

Nidhi-The Corporate Finance Club of IIM Jammu is a student-driven initiative aimed towards sharing and enhancing knowledge in the field of finance through interesting and innovative activities, discussions, events, and workshops.

Pariyojana - Project Management Club

Pariyojana - Project Management Club of IIM Jammu is designed for students who want to gain necessary skills in the the field of project management. This is the right place where motivated students could work in a team and learn by doing.

People Management Club

The People Management Club of IIM Jammu is dedicated to promoting the best skills related to people management in the corporate industry. The club will aim to bring, foster, and deliver the best talent at the institute. It will instill and ignite an interest in the overall understanding and development of people management among the students at the institute. The people management club will work actively to organize events and also will help the students in understanding the do’s and don’ts in the placement when they need to face the HR of the recruiting company. The club will aim at showcasing to students the expertise in managing the issues related to people management by acting not only as a learning channel but also as an effective and exciting platform to discuss, practice, and deliver some of those. The club will act as a platform where the students can interact and initiate conversations with people management experts to explore and challenge the current practices in the corporate world.

POD-Club - Podcasts

POD Club is an initiative of POD enthusiasts at IIM Jammu. The club will be carrying out podcasts at the Institute campus covering different segments

ProdMan - Product Management Club

ProdMan-The Product Management club of IIM Jammu aims at acquainting the students with a profound knowledge of the product management domain.

Sports club

1. Chess
2. Football
3. Volleyball
4. Basketball
5. Cricket
6. Badminton
7. Table Tennis
8. Gym
9. Athletics

Sports not only help in maintaining physical fitness and well-being but also inculcate important traits of being a team player. These inculcated traits guide students in handling stressful environments in professional and personal domains. The sports clubs of IIM Jammu organizes and encourages students to participate in inter-institutions sports activities and win accolades for IIM Jammu.

Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters Club of IIM Jammu aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment, where every member is empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth. Toastmasters is the right place for those who love public speaking or are determined to improve their overall communication & leadership skills or for those who want to be a part of a vibrant global community as the club operates at national as well as international levels

Vakta - The Literary Club

Vakta Club, as the name signifies, is the official literary Club of IIM Jammu. It aims to create and sustain a campus culture of various literary oriented activities, such as public speaking, debating, impromptu speaking, JAM session, etc., among the students. The Club, throughout the year, organizes interactive sessions which exceed the domain of rigorous MBA curriculum and thus open the possibility to put your creative foot forward. Vakta is all about celebrating the spirit of language and indulging in the wonder of using it.

Valuation Pulse Club

The Valuation Pulse club of IIM Jammu derives its name from the underlying value of an asset. This club would be dedicated to helping students analyze the various methods that go into the preparation of an equity research report. Industry analysis, Company analysis, and the utmost important part is, how to calculate the intrinsic value of a particular company by looking at its financial statements. The sessions will progress with basic learnings that help them build a strong foundation before progressing to intermediate and advanced level tasks.

Yoga Club

Yoga Club is an initiative of yoga enthusiasts at IIM Jammu. The club aims to achieve holistic, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual benefits.