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Student Clubs

Finance Club - ViTT 

Finance Club of IIM Jammu is a student-driven career focused initiative. The primary objective of the club is to inculcate interest in finance. The activities are scheduled in a manner which helps the students prepare in their placement season and provides them practical approach in finance. 

Marketing Club-VIPRAN 

VIPRAN, the Marketing Club of IIM Jammu, works endlessly in order to serve IIM Jammu students to participate in activities which enrich students’ exposure to marketing in the “real world” and keep them abreast with the latest happenings. It provides a platform which serves as a centre for creativity and excellence for all those who have an unwavering passion and love for marketing.

Operations Club- OpScape 

OpScape, Operations, and Supply Chain Club aim to promote knowledge and awareness in the field of Operations Management and Supply Chain among the student community. The club conducts popular simulation games, case study competitions, and certification programs focused on operations and supply chain.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

With the proliferating entrepreneurial eco-system in county, there are students who believe in providing employment rather than seeking employment. The entrepreneurship development committee of IIM Jammu salutes these potential entrepreneurs and helps them in crafting their entrepreneurial career by inviting entrepreneurs for guest lectures and organizing different thematic events.

Quantalytics Club - EXANTICS 

Quantalytics, quant, and analytics club aims to promote knowledge and awareness in the field of Quant and Analytics among the students. It conducts events designed specifically to spread awareness about the role played by Quants and Data analysis in effective decision making. The club conducts workshops and discussions focused on the application of Quant and Data Analysis concepts on business scenarios.

Consulting Club - CONSULENZA 

CONSULENZA is a student-driven club of IIM Jammu which aims to equip the students with a structured approach to make informed decisions on management consulting careers, which is going to help them in building successful careers in consulting domain and providing opportunities to promote their all-round development.


HR Club is an initiative of HR enthusiasts of IIM Jammu. The club provides a platform to help students to interact on the latest HR events in corporates and academics. It helps students in preparation for interview and career guidance.

Photography Club - DRISHTI

The club at IIM Jammu provides an encouraging environment for all the photo enthusiasts to share their skills, experience, and passion. The members of the club will be exposed to leverage the opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other committees to improve their creativity and knowledge. The Club plays an integral role in making the events of IIM Jammu successful and memorable.

Vakta Club

Vakta Club, as the name signifies, is the official literary club of IIM Jammu. It aims to create and sustain a campus culture of various literary oriented activities such as public-speaking, debating, impromptu speaking, JAM session etc. among the students. The club, throughout the year, organises interactive sessions which exceed the domain of rigorous MBA curriculum and thus open the possibility to put your creative foot forward. Vakta is all about celebrating the spirit of language and indulging in the wonder of using it.