IITJ – IIMJ Dual Degree Program at a Glance

Majority of the engineering students aspire for a management degree at some point of their career. Most of the students also dream of undertaking B.Tech from IITs and MBA from IIMs, which is considered to be the most preferred combinations amongst all the stakeholders - students, parents and industry. At the same time, the presence of IIT and IIM as neighboring institutions of national importance is a rare combination. Therefore, it is a dire need to capitalize this opportunity for the larger benefits of the aspiring students, parents, industry, government, society and the nation as a whole. It is also felt that many industries look for candidates having sound knowledge in Engineering and excellent managerial skills i.e. Industry-ready products for their hiring. Besides, exposure to a variety of courses gives students a wider vision on a problem and more tools to solve problems from a very young age.

Program Objective:

This dual degree program in technology and management aims at preparing young scientific minds to undertake techno-managerial roles in corporate and public sectors and strengthen scientific temper for a sustainable ecosystem.

Program Structure

The details of the program structure are given as follows:

Time Duration

The program is divided into two distinct stages: The initial four years for the B. Tech Program and the last two years for the MBA program.

Total Semesters and Terms

B Tech --2*4 = 8 semesters; MBA --3*2 = 6 semester

Exit Option

This program has been strategically designed to provide an opportunity to the students to exit from the program after completing 4th year as per the provision in the National Education Policy 2020, Ministry of Education, Government of India. Students would be provided an exit option with a B.Tech degree and if opted so, a certificate in management after the completion of the fourth year will be provided.

Eligibility to Continue in MBA Program

A minimum CGPA of 7 would be required to continue into the MBA program without appearing in the CAT examination. Any participant with a CGPA of less than 7 at the end of the fourth year will have to take the compulsory exit after the fourth year. However, these students may appear for CAT to secure admission in IIMs