About HR Conference

Over the past decades, the business world has witnessed a dramatic role change in human resources management. This disruption is shaped by people’s consciousness, organizations’ aspirations, digital transformation, socio-cultural transition, and brutal recession driven by socio-political economics. HR is one of the most dynamic fields ever growing and evolving. At the same time, the complexities are ever-growing and pose challenges to HR practitioners. The rate at which the workplace evolves, mainly due to technological advancement and digital literacy, has turned the HR portfolio into a new path, i.e., the mechanization process. However, this also calls for a new consciousness in human resource management, especially considering the progressive dehumanization that AI has initiated today. We must, therefore, seek to create a human experience that builds an organic HR system that can endure changing complexities while also befitting current consciousness.

Upholding this spirit, IIM Jammu invites researchers, academicians, and practitioners to come forward and share their experience and research at our “HR in Dynamic Business Environment conference," to be held early in October2023. This conference aims to focus on learning from voices on the ground with the evolution, latest development, and future direction. Also, mark people’s experiences and reflects on the dynamics and complexities shaped by digital transformation in the HR domain.

The conference will provide a comprehensive shared experience and understanding of the recent trend in HR and allow us to have a collective space and time to engage with the state-of-the-art capacity and necessary training: acknowledging the Indian and world social-economic text.

This event will dwell on the voices of collectives and industry experts, academicians, and researchers to chart the new path consciously together.