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Mahesh Gadekar

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Dr Mahesh is a faculty member in the area of marketing.  He holds PhD in marketing from S P Pune University and a Post Doctorate from the Faculty of Economics (FEP), University of Porto, through the prestigious Erasmus Fellowship (European Union).

He has to his credit research papers published in the journals indexed in SCI and ABDC and Financial Times Top 50 journal. 

His research focuses on consumer and brand management dynamics in multiple contexts – online, social media, ethics and sustainability.

He is presently Chairperson for Centre for Small Business Development and Centre for Diversity & Inclusion.

Post Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Economics - University of Porto

PhD – S P Pune University

Indian Institute of Management-Jammu (Current)


  • Brandao, A. & Gadekar, M. (2023). “You got a new name !” How renaming music festival with brand affect festival goer’s purchase intention. International Journal of Event and Festival Management, (ABDC)
  • Brandao, A., Gadekar, M. & (2022). You ruined our love story, but I just can't hate you - a moderation-mediation analysis of past experienced brand love and brand hate. International Journal of Consumer Studies, (ABDC)
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  • Brandão , A. & Gadekar, M. (2021). Artist jewelry designer entrepreneurship: does it only glitter or is it also gold?. Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, (ABDC), DOI : https://doi.org/10.1108/JRME-03-2020-0031
  • Brito, P. Q., Brandao, A., Gadekar, M. & Branco, S. (2020). Diffusing fashion information by social media fashion influencers: understanding antecedents and consequences. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 24(2), 137-152. (ABDC), DOI : https://doi.org/10.1108/JFMM-09-2019-0214
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  • Brandao, A. & Gadekar, M. (2020). The Counterfeit Market and the Luxury Goods, Fashion Industry: An Itinerary Between Feelings and Technology (pp. 47-59 ). Intechopen

Marketing Management 

Consumer Behavior 

Brand Management

B2B Marketing 

Business Ethics & Values


Program. Director

  • Executive Program in Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship Orientation Program for the Students of Government Colleges in J&K
  • Capacity Building Program on Small Business Development for Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs (SBDU)
  • Business Accelerator Program for Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs

Training Sessions

  • Executive Program in Digital Marketing
  • Executive Program in General Management
  • Entrepreneurship Orientation Program
  • Summer School
  • Winter School
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Program on behalf of the National Commission for Women.
  • Capacity Building Program 
  • Business Accelerator Program
  • Leadership Training Program Schedule for College Principals

Post-Doctoral Fellowship -  University of Porto

Junior Research Fellowship - University Grants Commission

American Marketing Association