Leadership Talk Series 2019

Be Bold to be Successful

23rd January, 2019 | IIM Jammu | Pankaj Dubey – Country Head & MD (Polaris India Pvt. Ltd)

IIM Jammu hosted Mr. Pankaj Dubey as part of the guest lecture series. Mr. Dubey talked about "Polaris India Entry Strategy, ATV's & Indian Motorcycle, JV in India & My learnings". The discussion focused on having the right strategy to create business in the country, and changing the business model, when required. Mr Dubey explained about the use of experiential and digital marketing in the context of Polaris Business Model. He also discussed about the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and urged the budding managers to take initiatives and improve the society in some way. Finally, he shared his life learnings imbibed during the journey of becoming a CEO.