Ānandam: The Center for Happiness, IIM Jammu

“Sarva bhūtahite ratāḥ” (Engaged in Welfare of All Beings)

Why Ānandam

In the graduate program of management, students have to face multiple challenges like demanding coursework, projects, assignments, exams, the pressure of placements, and so on. Unbridled stress and anxiety are resulting in severe issues like chronic depression, substance abuse, body shaming, and even attempt suicide amongst the student fraternity, not only in management but most of the other branches of higher education. India has one of the highest rates of students’ suicide. The current COVID-19 pandemic situation is worsening the scenario further. Isolation from the institute campus and friends, web-based sessions lacking personal touch, and uncertainty about online examinations is resulting in anxiety and nervousness among the students. The faculty members and other staff is also exposed to the evil of occupational stress and burnout. Ultimately, the result is deterioration in mental health and performance. The situation in the corporate sector also resembles this scenario. According to the ET report, nearly half of the employees in India suffer from mild to chronic anxiety and stress in the corporate sector. It is a matter of urgent attention to impart knowledge, perspective, and skills to the management students, not only about different functions of management but also to equip them to manage their life energies to remain joyful as students and later as managers and executives in various organizations.

Research has shown that happy people are more productive. When students develop a sense of positive energy, it results in engaged learning, positive perspective, determination, and social connectedness. The source of true happiness and positivity is not distant, and perhaps it lies within us. Śvetāśvara Upaniṣada addresses the human beings as of ‘vayam amṛtasya putrāḥ’ (we are the children of immoral bliss). Tapping the correct process can lead to unleashing the source of imperishable bliss. ‘Ānandam: The Center for Happiness’ aims at facilitating the stakeholders of IIM Jammu to realize and experience the joy (ānanda) through a disciplined practice (sādhanā).


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