Effective Writing for Managerial Success


"Effective Writing for Managerial Success: An MDP for office administrators and managers" is a professional development program designed to help office administrators and managers enhance their writing skills and communication abilities. The course covers key topics such as writing for different audiences, crafting effective emails, memos, and reports, and improving overall writing style and clarity.

The course begins by introducing the importance of effective writing in the workplace and the different types of written communication that are commonly used in business settings. It then explores key strategies and techniques for crafting effective emails, memos, and reports, including how to structure content, use persuasive language, and present data in a clear and concise manner.

Programme Objective

The course is designed to demonstrate the need and significance of creating and sustaining effective writing for business success. Deploy strategies and hacks of writing that can fix many common writing errors. Creatively and innovatively generate effective messaging for various forms and media of communication. Establish, understand, and practice the use of writing for digital communication. Understand and create persuasive messaging through effective writing.

Content & Mode Of Conduction

This programme will be conducting offline mode in Jammu Campus to cover following content:

  • Persuasion and effective writing
  • The landscape of Business Writing Genres: overviews and practices
  • Writing effective memos and emails
  • Writing effective reports and business proposals
  • Editing, organizing, and Revising writing: Strategies and Tools
  • Storytelling and storyboarding for effective writing
  • Digital Tools for effective writing

Who Should Attend

All mid-level managers and administrators of management companies.

Programme Particulars

Programme Directors Dates &
Programme Fees (excluding GST) Registration Link
Dr. Gaana J.
Dr. Apurva
Start Date : 18 May, 2023
End Date : 19 May, 2023