Leadership Talk Series 2019

Winning is not by chance but by strategy

4th March, 2019 | IIM Jammu | Sunil Raina – President (Lava International)

Industry Interaction Cell of IIM Jammu organized a guest lecture on "Strategy and Execution". The speaker of the session was Mr. Sunil Raina, President, Lava International. The session was effectively structured into a framework of 6As which he had tried and tested during his leadership roles in various MNCs. The 6As sequentially being Analysis, Aspiration, Approach, Action, Achievement and Accountability. He stressed on making a choice and achieve excellence by focusing entire energy on that particular key area. He expressed his positivity about the Indian smartphone brands emerging as global players in the current decade. Mr. Raina, who himself is a resident of Jammu was excited to see the entrepreneurial mindsets being nurtured in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.