Student Committees

Student Council

The Student Council at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu assumes the crucial role of promoting the welfare concerns of the students. It carries the responsibility of maintaining discipline within the campus premises and ensuring the optimal utilization of the institute's facilities. The council diligently addresses the concerns raised by the students, giving due attention to their needs and aspirations.

Furthermore, the Student Council presides over and supervises the functioning of various clubs and committees operating within the institute. By doing so, it ensures that these student-led organizations operate efficiently and effectively, providing valuable opportunities for extracurricular engagement and personal development.

One of the primary objectives of the Student Council is to foster a stable and harmonious relationship between the institute's authorities and the student body. It serves as a bridge, facilitating effective communication, understanding, and cooperation between the two entities. This helps in creating an inclusive and conducive environment for the learning, growth, and overall well-being of the students at IIM Jammu.

Placement Committee

The placement committee at IIM Jammu acts as a vital bridge between students and employers. With a wide range of responsibilities, the committee's functions are essential for ensuring the success of students in their career pursuits.

One of the primary functions of a placement committee is to build and nurture relationships with companies and organizations. This involves actively reaching out to companies, attending industry events, and networking to create partnerships and collaborations. By developing strong connections with employers, the committee can gain insights into the industry's requirements and effectively match students with suitable job opportunities.

Another vital function of the placement committee is to organize and coordinate campus recruitment activities. They collaborate with companies to schedule on-campus interviews, company presentations, and other recruitment events. This includes managing logistics, coordinating with students and companies, and ensuring a smooth experience for all involved parties.


Disha Committee - Placement Preparation Cell

The Placement Preparation Cell of IIM Jammu, known as the Disha Committee, plays a crucial role in guiding students through career development and placement preparation. With a strong emphasis on individual mentorship, they provide comprehensive assistance to students for Summer and Final Placements.

Leveraging the expertise of the batch and alumni, they curate diverse resources and prep materials and conduct specialized sessions with industry experts tailored to specific companies.Their flagship event, Aarambh, bridged academia and industry, providing valuable insights to students.

To enhance professional competencies and diversified skills, they offer sessions on Resume Building, Group Discussions, and Mock Interviews. They organize workshops and training programs facilitated by industry experts and consultants to foster skill development. Their efforts empower students with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their placement goals and embark on successful professional journeys.


Industry Interaction Cell

"When corporate wisdom meets youthful curiosity, a powerful exchange of ideas transpires, fostering a culture of growth, adaptability, and lifelong learning."

At the Indian Institute of Management Jammu, we are dedicated to fostering strong ties between academia and industry, ensuring our students stay updated on the latest trends and developments in various management fields. To achieve this, the Industry Interaction Committee (IIC) consistently invites accomplished speakers from different industries to deliver guest lectures. These experts come from diverse domains like Finance, Marketing, HR, and Operations, sharing their valuable experiences and knowledge with our students. The insights gained from these sessions offer a real-world industry perspective and help understand the ground reality.

Additionally, every year the Industry Interaction Committee organizes a flagship event called the 'HR Conclave,' where HR leaders from renowned companies interact with our students and provide insights into the corporate world's latest happenings. This event serves as a platform for students to learn from industry experts and understand the current trends.

As a part of the placement umbrella, it is our responsibility to build new ties, maintain relationships, and act as a bridge between the industry and academia. Our constant efforts as a committee aim to create a thriving culture for aspiring managers and position IIM Jammu as one of the premier business schools in the country.


Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is an esteemed student body, tasked with the pivotal responsibility of fostering a healthy academic environment and maintaining an effective channel of communication for all academic endeavours within the institute. Its primary function revolves around nurturing a robust academic ecosystem, bridging the gap between students, faculties, and the PGP Office, and enforcing appropriate academic discipline. The committee works to create a positive and enriching learning environment for all the students, thereby ensuring their holistic and multi-dimensional development within the institute environs.

The committee is the voice of students regarding any academic matters. The committee serves as a liaison between students, faculties and PGP Office. It aims to promote a culture of academic excellence and integrity within the institute by providing timely feedback and suggestions to the administration. It keeps the students posted about the upcoming academic activities, associated rules and regulations, academic reforms, and schedules. The committee also works to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, rigorous and challenging, and that students have ample opportunities for enriching their learning experiences within the institute.


Sports Committee

Our main objective is to foster enthusiasm among students and faculty members for sports, encouraging them to engage in physical activities that promote fitness. We aim to organize comprehensive training programs, coaching sessions, and educational initiatives for everyone, enabling them to develop their sporting abilities. Additionally, we seek to identify and nurture passionate students for competitive events. Through various sports competitions, we aim to ignite a sense of zeal within the college community.

Moreover, we strive to bridge the gap between the administration and students by addressing their needs and resolving issues with effective solutions. We actively seek permission to host sports events on campus, create budgets for the year and specific sporting occasions, and recommend deserving students to participate in intra- or inter-college competitions.

Our mission is to promote the overall well-being and physical fitness of individuals while enhancing their athletic skills. By conducting and endorsing healthy competitions, we aim to instill qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit, and camaraderie. We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth and regular organization of sports events within the college, including the proper maintenance of sports equipment through efficient inventory management. Furthermore, we are committed to providing the necessary infrastructure to support sporting activities.


Malhar - The Cultural Committee

Introducing Malhar: Igniting the Colors of Diversity and Joy at IIM Jammu

Step into a world where culture and camaraderie intertwine, where vibrant melodies and graceful movements unite hearts, and where diversity flourishes in a symphony of celebration. Malhar, the cultural committee of the Indian Institute of Management Jammu, is fondly known as "The Rainmakers of Happiness."

We believe that a student's journey should be more than just academics; an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, friendship, and lifelong memories. Our mission is simple yet powerful: Ensuring each student at IIM Jammu feels a sense of belonging and togetherness creating a "home away from home". In our pursuit of inclusivity, we embrace the richness and diversity of our student body.

With a tapestry of events, we paint the canvas of our institute with the vibrant hues of India's biggest festivals. We strive to bring forth the creative spirit residing within each student, encouraging them to explore the world of music, dance, and artistic expression.

Let your passion for the arts flourish as you create unforgettable experiences for your fellow students. Together, let us forge a bond that transcends boundaries, nurtures talent, and transforms IIM Jammu into a hub of cultural vibrancy.


Mess Committee

The Mess Committee is a vital part of the campus community, as it ensures that the students get quality food four times a day, even when they are away from home. The committee manages a budget worth crore and works hard to negotiate with the vendors and caterers to provide the best possible service and value for money. The committee also takes care of preparing the menu for more than 750 students, keeping in mind their preferences, dietary needs, and nutritional requirements. The committee is responsible for the well-being and satisfaction of the students and strives to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in the mess. The Mess Committee is always open to student feedback and suggestions and aims to create a positive and friendly atmosphere in the dining hall.


Infrastructure Committee

Welcome to the Infrastructure Committee of IIM Jammu, where we empower students to shape their academic and social environment!

Our committee is driven by the belief that students should have an active role in creating a conducive and vibrant campus experience. We are dedicated to enhancing the infrastructure that directly impacts student life, ensuring that it meets their evolving needs.

As student representatives, we work closely with the institute's administration to identify and address infrastructure-related concerns. We actively seek feedback and suggestions from our fellow students, advocating for their requirements and striving to provide solutions that enhance their overall experience.

Collaboration and innovation are at the core of our committee. We encourage students to contribute ideas and actively participate in initiatives that improve infrastructure. By organizing events, surveys, and brainstorming sessions, we foster a sense of ownership and pride in our campus environment.


Corporate Communication Committee

The Corporate Communications Committee serves as a vital link between the institute and its various stakeholders, fostering a positive public image and promoting a sense of community within and beyond the campus. One of the committee’s core responsibilities is crafting and disseminating compelling messages through social media platforms, official websites, press releases, newsletters, and other communication mediums. The committee also acts as a liaison between the college and the media, actively engaging with journalists, reporters, and publications to facilitate accurate and timely coverage of newsworthy events, research endeavors, and other significant happenings related to the college. Additionally, the committee collaborates closely with other student organizations, academic departments, and administrative bodies to support their initiatives and promote their events. By actively participating in the planning and execution of campus-wide activities, the committee ensures a cohesive and inclusive college community for all.


Zerobug IT - Committee

Dedicated to upholding technological excellence, the IT Committee at IIM Jammu is pivotal in ensuring an unparalleled IT experience for the entire institute community. Our commitment lies in providing seamless IT support and maintaining cutting-edge facilities to enhance learning, research, and efficiency.

With a primary focus on availability and maintenance, we meticulously manage critical IT infrastructure such as Computer Labs, Bloomberg Terminals, and Internet Connectivity. By consistently updating and equipping these facilities with the latest technology and licensed software versions, we enable students and faculty to excel academically.

What sets us apart is our spirit of collaboration. As cross-functional players, we actively engage with other student bodies, forging strategic alliances to organize and execute events seamlessly. In addition to serving as the backbone of IT infrastructure, we provide comprehensive hardware and software support to students. From installing licensed software versions to providing the necessary equipment for connectivity, we empower individuals to navigate their academic journey with utmost ease and efficiency.

At the IT Committee, we are driven by a singular vision—to create a technologically advanced environment that nurtures innovation, collaboration, and excellence

Alumni Relations

Alumni are the footprints of any institute, and we firmly believe that the status and reputation of a prestigious Institute lies in how the alumni group contributes to their alma mater and society.

The Alumni Relations of IIM Jammu strives to achieve the same and acts as a bridge between our institute and alumni to foster innovation, collaboration, and communication. Our means of establishing the connection have been in the form of insightful guest lectures and related workshops. With the help of our vibrant stakeholders, we are continuously exploring possible ways to strengthen the bond between our present students and alumni network through regular exchanges.


International Relations Committee

The International Relations Office (IRO) of IIM Jammu is a prominent student body that fosters global engagement. Comprising dedicated and enthusiastic student members, the committee plays a vital role in shaping the internationalization efforts of IIM Jammu.

The primary objective of the IRO is to provide a platform for students to explore and embrace international perspectives. The IRO actively works to establish and nurture partnerships with reputed international educational institutions, enabling student exchange programs. These efforts broaden the horizons of IIM Jammu students and equip them with a global mindset and a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary global business environment.

The IRO organizes several events and activities to foster international engagement. One such event is the annual global-level competition known as the Hult Prize. The Hult Prize invites students worldwide to present innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Byparticipating in this competition, IIM Jammu students gain exposure to global issues and have the opportunity to showcase their problem-solving skills on an international stage. Additionally, the committee also organizes international conferences in which renowned scholars participate. Such events facilitate knowledge-sharing and encourage intellectual discussions.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) is an initiative established with the purpose of fostering and promoting entrepreneurship among the students of IIM Jammu and the greater community. It serves as a platform that encourages students to explore their entrepreneurial potential and provides them with the necessary resources, support, and direction to transform their business ideas into viable enterprises. It organizes workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and training programs to educate students on diverse facets of entrepreneurship, such as ideation, business planning, marketing, finance, and legal requirements. The EDC facilitates networking opportunities between students and successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to promote an entrepreneurial culture. In addition, it serves as a link between the FSIED Incubation Centre and Startups.