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Incoming Exchange Students


ISEP at IIM Jammu accepts international students to study for up to one academic term in either the IIM Jammu or Srinagar campus.

Any student registered in a university that has a formal agreement with IIM Jammu in such respect, who wishes to study part of his/her degree at IIM Jammu and take all credits achieved to his/her Home Institution

For registration, an incoming exchange student will complete the following:

  • Eligibility

  1. Students coming to IIM Jammu from an approved international exchange partner will complete no more than one academic term at IIM Jammu.
  2. At the conclusion of the exchange term, the students should either return to the Home Institution to complete their degree, or formally enroll at IIM Jammu provided they:
    • Secure an approval from their Home Institution.
    • Fulfill IIM Jammu admission requirements.
    • Application Process
  1. Students applying for exchange programs will complete an application form forwarded by IRO office and attach all indicated documents.
  2. The medium of instruction at IIM Jammu is English. Hence, incoming exchange students should have proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Registration Procedures

  1. Secure a duly completed and signed official exchange form from the Home Institution.
  2. Complete the registration form of IIM Jammu and ensure that all required documents are attached/uploaded.
  3. Obtain an acceptance letter as an exchange student from the Admissions Office and finalize registration at the Home institution.
  4. Once registration is complete at both institutions, students are advised to apply for their student visa and make travel arrangements.
  5. On confirmation of travel arrangements, students are required to inform IRO about the same to facilitate their smooth transition in Jammu. Students are advised to seek information from the IRO, rather than any other unvalidated source, to clarify any doubts they may have regarding their stay in Jammu.