Leadership Talk Series 2018

Vikram Singh

The future of banking rests on technology

15th September, 2018 | IIM Jammu | Vikram Singh – Account Director (L&T Pvt. Ltd.)

On 15th September, Industry Interaction Cell, IIM Jammu organised a guest lecture on 'Artificial Intelligence in Finance'. The speaker of the session was Mr. Vikram Singh- Account Director,L&T Pvt. Ltd. It was an interactive session, where the discussion ranged from the conflicting views of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to the application of AI in space exploration. Thereafter, all of us were apprised about the use of AI as an assistant to make our banking and investment experience smoother. It was one of those engaging sessions which helped the students develop a foresight about the implications of AI in the corporate world.