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Muqbil Burhan

Associate Professor, Business Policy, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Muqbil Burhan is an Associate Professor in the area of Business Policy, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Chairperson of IIM Jammu's Srinagar Campus and also the Chairperson of Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Skill Development at IIMJ Srinagar campus. He has been the International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan Business School, USA and International Research Fellow at College of Technology Management, EPFL Laussane Switzerland. He has also visited Harvard Business School USA, NTU Singapore, Moscow University, Rotterdam School of Management Netherlands, University of Economics Ho Chi Minn City, Tashkent State University of Economics, Udayana University Bali for research and training purposes. Burhan's research is primarily focused on Technology Management, Strategy, Innovations, Entrepreneurship, Skill Development and Business Policy. He has rich consultancy experience also, having worked on various projects with Central and state Ministries. Burhan has also been offering training programs to various central and state/UT government departments and corporate executives. He has also served as chairperson executive education at IIM Jammu in the past.   

  • Ph.D., IIT Delhi
  • MIT Sloan Business School
  • Harvard Business School
  • FORE School of Management
  • Evalueserve.com
  • Burhan, M. Technology Appropriation in Public Funded Research Organizations: An Empirical Evidence using Patent. Academy of management Annual Conference Academy of Management Boston:
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  • Finger, M., Buckovic, B. & Burhan, M. (2014). Posts in digital Age Netherlands: IOS Press, Netherlands
  • Burhan, M. (2014). Postal Operators as Viable e-Government Partners: A Case Study of Three Major Postal Operators, Posts in digital Age (pp. 120-142 ). IOS Press, Netherlands
  • Business & Corporate Strategy
  • Technology Innovations
  • Managing Intellectual Property Rights
  • Mergers & Acquistions
  • Design Thinking
  • Strategy Simulations
  • Creativity & Innovation



  • Gap/Need Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Intellectual Property Analysis/Consultancy
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Leadership development
  • Management Capacity Enhancement Programs



  • International Faculty Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge USA
  • International Research fellow at College of Management of Technology, EPFL Switzerland 

  • Academy of International business (AIB)
  • Academy of Management (AoM)
  • Strategy Management Society (SMS)
  • Strategy Management Forum (SMF)