Leadership Talk Series 2018

Dinesh Mishra

Executive Presence & Adaptability – From Campus to Corporate

8th September, 2018 | IIM Jammu | Dinesh Mishra – Director, Business -HR (Abbott Healthcare)

On 8th September, Industry Interaction Cell, IIM Jammu organized a guest lecture on “Campus to Corporate” by Mr. Dinesh Mishra, Director Business HR, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Mishra enlightened the students about the transition from campus to corporate world in his presentation. The highlight of the presentation was his tips to all the students about the necessary skills required to grow in the corporate world viz. Executive Presence, a zeal to keep on learning, professional discipline, communication and presentation skills, knowledge about the business, situational awareness and most importantly adaptability and mobility. It was a great learning experience for students as they gained valuable insights about the dynamics of an organization.