Leadership Talk Series 2019

Bond to Baba- Strategies for a Brave new world!

6th March, 2019 | IIM Jammu | Ninad Karpe – Director (Aptech)

Ninad Karpe – Director, Aptech India visited IIM Jammu as part of the Guest Lecture Series talks. Mr. Karpe talked about Strategies for a brave new world. Referring to the 4Rs of modern day strategy – Reinvent, Resurrect, Respond, and Regional Markets. Talking about Reinvention he referred to the James Bond Franchise reinventing itself with the Blockbuster – Skyfall, how the modern day bond was far away from his predecessors – he was sensitive to cry and how the new Q was a bold young man rather than being a grand old man. He emphasized on the fact that to have a competitive advantage one needs to not only reinvent when he is down but he should keep on reinventing in order to reach pinnacles of success. Another way of strategic growth is resurrection- Kabbadi a 1000 year old sport was resurrected as a main stream game - Pro Kabbadi league. Referring to response, Mr. Karpe talked about the quick response of the pitstop crews in F1 racing and Alexander's response to Darius in the battle of Gaugemala, the lesson he wanted to drive here was adapting your strategy to achieve competitive edge. In the end he concluded with the immense potential that regional markets have in terms of sales potential quoting the cases of Sairat, Wagh Bakri, and VI-John. He also talked about the onset of spiritual leaders in the FMCG sector viz Patanjali, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and how this has brought in a new wave of swadeshi goods in the Indian market. Prof. Tinu Jain (Student Affairs Chairman) said that," Sessions like this are aimed at inculcating a strategic mindset in the leaders of tomorrow."