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Student Committees

Academic Committee

The committee is the voice of students in all academic related matters. It acts as a mediator between the students and faculty members of IIM Jammu. The committee provides valuable recommendations to PGP office regarding scheduling various academic activities. It keeps the students aware of the upcoming academic activities and associated rules. It also oversees the library facilities and fosters a healthy academic environment.



  • Ensures academic punctuality
  • Arranges remedial sessions for the students in the subjects of their choice
  • Helps students in choosing the electives
  • Arranges interactive sessions between the faculty members and the students
  • Ensures that students' wishes are being communicated to and acted upon by the Program Office

Sports Committee :

Sports not only helps in maintaining physical fitness and well-being but also inculcate important traits of being a team player. This inculcated traits guide students in handling stressful environments in professional and personal domains. The committee also organizes and encourages students to participate in inter-institutions sports activities and win accolades for IIM Jammu.



  • Organize Mega intra Event "Funathon"
  • Conduct various championship, tournament and league matches at institute level
  • Schedule events for the entire year for active participation of students.

Cultural Committee

Management studies are not the cup of tea for everyone. It tests you in every aspect of professional and social life. In this context, cultural committee organizes various entertaining and culturally diversified events which eventually breaks the monotony of professional schedules and tests the social skills of students. 



  • Organize cultural events throughout the year, such as inter hostels events and social events.
  • Celebration of all the festivals inside the campus.
  • Organize open mic session for providing a platform for students to showcase their talent and eliminate stage fear.

Mess Committee 

When we live away from home, the main thing which we miss is the home-cooked meal. No one can match the quality of food as one's mom makes. The mess committee of IIM Jammu is dedicated to providing the students with the quality meal in order to lessen the nostalgia of home-cooked meal. Mess committee is an important committee which makes the hostel life of the students memorable.

The mess committee deals with the coordination with vendors, inventory management, shop floor operations, effective communication, and public relations, cost saving. The skills of mess committee range from marketing, finance, operations to human resources management.


  • Act as a bridge between the Admin, hospitality authorities and the students.
  • Keeps a check on the daily issues regarding the housekeeping activities.
  • To decide the mess menu in consultation with the mess manager and the head chef and taking suggestions from the students.
  • To regularly check the quality of the food and reporting any deviations.

Alumni Committee 

Strong Alumni Bond is the testimony of success for an elite institute. The Alumni Committee of IIM Jammu operates to strengthen the bond between the institute, current PGP students and the Alumni. The purpose of the committee is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between existing students and the alumni. The committee aims to position a culture that will maintain and enhance a highly engaged and vibrant community of alumni right from the start.


  • Organize city meets to connect alumni to the college and prospective students
  • Bringing alumni to the campus to bridge the gap between present industry trends and academics.

International Relations Committee 

The international relations committee is committed to providing students with global prescriptive and cross-cultural exposure. The committee is dedicated to establishing tie-ups with globally renowned management institutions.


  • Establishing academic relations with international universities.
  • Establishing contacts for specialized courses offered in foreign universities.

Industry Interaction Cell

The committee is regarded as the face of IIM Jammu in the corporate world. With the aim of promoting interaction between industry and academia, IIC fosters the learning environment by organizing periodic guest lectures to complement the classroom learning with industry applications at IIM Jammu.


  • Contacting industry experts and inviting them to IIM Jammu for guest lectures.
  • Conducting industrial visits to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Corporate Communications Committee

IIM Jammu aims to portray a splendorous image of the institute by promulgating the academic, management and cultural events. It also aspires to forge reciprocating relationship with various media houses for the purpose of networking and social assimilations. The committee also acts as the medium to keep the corporate world abreast of the happenings in IIM Jammu.

  • Looks after all communication and publication – Serves as official spokesperson for the institute.
  • Plays an integral role in updating the happenings of IIM Jammu on social media platforms.

Social Responsibility Committee

The social responsibility cell of IIM Jammu lays its emphasis on the continuous amelioration of the society. Our vision is to disseminate values of sustainable development among the students and make them aware about their moral responsibilities towards the society. We strongly believe that as a socially responsible individual we can make a happier and healthy nation. 

  • Organize blood donation campaign
  • Conduct donation drive for states facing natural calamities.
  • Collaborate with local NGO named Jigar institute.

Disha - Skill Development Committee

Development of professional competencies and diversified skills are the cornerstone of any career ladder. This responsively is with the skill development committee of IIM Jammu which organizes various career boosting programs which eventually brings benefits to the students in honing their placement skills such as CV writing, Group Discussions, Mock-Interviews etc.


  • Responsible for helping student to build up their profile and CV to get them job ready
  • Conduct workshop and training program for skill development through industry expert and consultant.

Infrastructure Committee

Life at a B-school requires many facilities and quick response time in case of problems. To overcome these challenges, the committee is in place which consult with the competent authorities to improve infrastructural resources of the institute to the possible extent. It is responsible for ensuring safety, hygiene, and quality living standard of the students and works for providing the best suitable environment for students to catalyze the learning process and to make the campus a comfortable place. 


  • Creates a lively atmosphere for the student to enjoy the life at the campus
  • Maintenance of proper infrastructure throughout the campus.