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Student Committees

Student Council 

The Student Council at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu assumes the crucial role of promoting the welfare concerns of the students. It carries the responsibility of maintaining discipline within the campus premises and ensuring the optimal utilization of the institute's facilities. The council diligently addresses the concerns raised by the students, giving due attention to their needs and aspirations.

Furthermore, the Student Council presides over and supervises the functioning of various clubs and committees operating within the institute. By doing so, it ensures that these student-led organizations operate efficiently and effectively, providing valuable opportunities for extracurricular engagement and personal development.

One of the primary objectives of the Student Council is to foster a stable and harmonious relationship between the institute's authorities and the student body. It serves as a bridge, facilitating effective communication, understanding, and cooperation between the two entities. This helps in creating an inclusive and conducive environment for the learning, growth, and overall well-being of the students at IIM Jammu.

Placement Committee 

The placement committee at IIM Jammu acts as a vital bridge between students and employers. With a wide range of responsibilities, the committee's functions are essential for ensuring the success of students in their career pursuits.

One of the primary functions of a placement committee is to build and nurture relationships with companies and organizations. This involves actively reaching out to companies, attending industry events, and networking to create partnerships and collaborations. By developing strong connections with employers, the committee can gain insights into the industry's requirements and effectively match students with suitable job opportunities.

Another vital function of the placement committee is to organize and coordinate campus recruitment activities. They collaborate with companies to schedule on-campus interviews, company presentations, and other recruitment events. This includes managing logistics, coordinating with students and companies, and ensuring a smooth experience for all involved parties.



Disha Committee - Placement Preparation Cell

The Placement Preparation Cell of IIM Jammu, known as the Disha Committee, plays a crucial role in guiding students through career development and placement preparation. With a strong emphasis on individual mentorship, they provide comprehensive assistance to students for Summer and Final Placements.

Leveraging the expertise of the batch and alumni, they curate diverse resources and prep materials and conduct specialized sessions with industry experts tailored to specific companies.Their flagship event, Aarambh, bridged academia and industry, providing valuable insights to students.

To enhance professional competencies and diversified skills, they offer sessions on Resume Building, Group Discussions, and Mock Interviews. They organize workshops and training programs facilitated by industry experts and consultants to foster skill development. Their efforts empower students with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their placement goals and embark on successful professional journeys.

International Relations Committee 


The international relations committee is committed to providing students with global prescriptive and cross-cultural exposure. The committee is dedicated to establishing tie-ups with globally renowned management institutions.


  • Establishing academic relations with international universities.
  • Establishing contacts for specialized courses offered in foreign universities.

Industry Interaction Cell


The committee is regarded as the face of IIM Jammu in the corporate world. With the aim of promoting interaction between industry and academia, IIC fosters the learning environment by organizing periodic guest lectures to complement the classroom learning with industry applications at IIM Jammu.


  • Contacting industry experts and inviting them to IIM Jammu for guest lectures.
  • Conducting industrial visits to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Placement Committee

Providing benchmark education to the student is the core focus of IIM Jammu which is assured through the vetted PGP curriculum and innovative pedagogy. However, we feel that when students join the educational institution they have an aspiration to be placed in reputed organizations preferably through campus recruitments. In this context, the placement committee of IIM Jammu strives the best possible and contributes optimally to the aspirations of students.


  • Establishing linkages with the industry for conduct of campus recruitments.
  • Acting as an important interface between the Institute and the industry.

Corporate Communications Committee


IIM Jammu aims to portray a splendorous image of the institute by promulgating the academic, management and cultural events. It also aspires to forge reciprocating relationship with various media houses for the purpose of networking and social assimilations. The committee also acts as the medium to keep the corporate world abreast of the happenings in IIM Jammu.

  • Looks after all communication and publication – Serves as official spokesperson for the institute.
  • Plays an integral role in updating the happenings of IIM Jammu on social media platforms.

Social Responsibility Committee


The social responsibility cell of IIM Jammu lays its emphasis on the continuous amelioration of the society. Our vision is to disseminate values of sustainable development among the students and make them aware about their moral responsibilities towards the society. We strongly believe that as a socially responsible individual we can make a happier and healthy nation. 

  • Organize blood donation campaign
  • Conduct donation drive for states facing natural calamities.
  • Collaborate with local NGO named Jigar institute.


Disha - Skill Development Committee

Development of professional competencies and diversified skills are the cornerstone of any career ladder. This responsively is with the skill development committee of IIM Jammu which organizes various career boosting programs which eventually brings benefits to the students in honing their placement skills such as CV writing, Group Discussions, Mock-Interviews etc.


  • Responsible for helping student to build up their profile and CV to get them job ready
  • Conduct workshop and training program for skill development through industry expert and consultant.

Infrastructure Committee

Life at a B-school requires many facilities and quick response time in case of problems. To overcome these challenges, the committee is in place which consult with the competent authorities to improve infrastructural resources of the institute to the possible extent. It is responsible for ensuring safety, hygiene, and quality living standard of the students and works for providing the best suitable environment for students to catalyze the learning process and to make the campus a comfortable place. 


  • Creates a lively atmosphere for the student to enjoy the life at the campus
  • Maintenance of proper infrastructure throughout the campus.