MBA (HA & HM) at a glance

Indian Institute of Management Jammu is an ‘Institute of national importance’ incorporated by the Indian Institutes of Management Act, 2017. Our vision is to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who can perform globally to make a valuable difference to the Society and the Corporate world.

Most of the students in India dream of undertaking MBA from IIMs, which is considered to be the most preferred institution amongst all the stakeholders - students, parents, and industry. At the same time, the presence of IIM, AIIMS and IIT as neighboring institutions of national importance is a rare combination. Therefore, it is a dire need to capitalize on this opportunity for the larger benefit of the aspiring students, parents, industry, government, society, and the nation as a whole. Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries. As countries continue to enjoy greater life expectancies than ever before, there is a constantly increasing need for experts in operations management, to come in and find ways to deliver more efficient and affordable care to a greater number of patients. There is an increasing focus on quality, optimization, improved productivity and sustainability in hospital operations across the globe. The vital administrative functions of a hospital such as accounts, human resource management, quality, logistics and supply chain, public relations, marketing and waste management are increasingly being managed by professional healthcare managers to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in day-to-day operations. Besides, exposure to a variety of courses gives students a wider vision of a problem and more tools to solve problems related to health administration and healthcare management. The program intends to build experts in health administration and health care management who will have adequate knowledge and expertise to improve processes, raise quality and reduce costs – essentially to help health professionals deliver better, faster care at affordable prices. The students will be capable of innovation to bring a sustainable change.

IIM Jammu will offer courses on Management, AIIMS Jammu will offer courses on Hospital Administration and Health Care and IIT Jammu will offer courses Technology. The program offers a unique advantage of learning the basics of management and operations from Indian Institute of Management Jammu, technological aspects from Indian Institute of Technology Jammu and gain subsequent practical, hands-on experience in management of hospitals and health care services at AIIMS Jammu under the guidance and supervision of hospital administrators. The program is a two-year full-time residential program with the first year having core courses and second year elective courses.


The objectives of the MBA (Hospital Administration and Health Care Management) program are:

  • To enable students to understand the socio-economic, technological, ecological and legal environment of the hospitals.
  • To equip students with required conceptual and interpersonal skills for managerial decision making in hospitals through collaborative relationships so that they can effectively evaluate the working of a healthcare facility in terms of budget, the goals of the facility’s practitioners and the needs of the community.
  • To inculcate positive thinking and problem-solving skills to demonstrate leadership & team building to handle the healthcare industry’s nuances.
  • To develop ability to handle the health care workers and make sure patients receive quality care.
  • To develop socially responsible and ethical hospital administrators who can perform without compromising integrity, honesty and fairness.