Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The creation of income generation opportunities, capacity building and ultimately entrepreneurship is being realized as a strategic asset for embarking on sustained development.

Jammu and Kashmir is a state which represents a mix of challenge and opportunities, and has in recent times displayed willingness to take on challenges with a new enthusiasm. The Indian Institute of Management Jammu seeks partnership with the state of J&K to address the challenges of developing entrepreneurship and nurturing innovation at grass roots to tackle its problems.

The Institute proposes the creation of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to achieve the following objectives

  • To promote and nurture entrepreneurship by providing incubation and consultancy services.
  • To create knowledge center equipped with the understanding of the state and developing solutions for the same.
  • To attract and assimilate the best in management thought and practices needed to address the challenges of the future.

The proposed center shall undertake the following activities to help attain these objectives:

  • Undertake research into the resources of the state with a view to develop deep understanding of the challenges the state faces and propose solutions for the same.
  • Develop entrepreneurship by organizing activities like Business Plan competitions and Networking events for information sharing between existing and potential entrepreneurs.
  • Develop curriculum and framework for students who wish to undertake entrepreneurship.

The establishment of Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the state of Jammu and Kashmir will help fill a void of the availability of the current best practices for perusal and application in the region. The creation of new income generation avenues and up gradation of human resources in this region will help attract new and emerging business helping transform the state from a brick economy to click economy and emerge as a hub of business activity in the State.