Center for Blockchain Analytics

The Center for Blockchain Analytics (CBA) is a Center of Excellence in Analytics set up by the Indian Institute of Management, Jammu. The blockchain revolution is in full swing, powered by its poster boy - Cryptocurrency. Words such as "decentralized" and "crypto" have made their way into the common man's lexicon and show no signs of abating. To venture into blockchain analytics training, IIM Jammu proposes the creation of CBA that is a platform for a data warehouse, a developer of analytical solutions and an analytics training hub. IIM Jammu is one of the pioneers in the country to focus research on advanced data sciences, blockchain analytics and intelligence. Housed at IIM Jammu campus, CBA is a dedicated research and training center to support interdisciplinary empirical research using Indian and other emerging markets data.

The Institute proposes the creation of Center for Blockchain Analytics to achieve the following objectives:

  • To deploy analytics solution and promote an evidence-based decision-making culture, be it Blockchain Analytics or Big Data or Cryptocurrency.
  • To create knowledge center equipped with the understanding of the state and developing solutions for the problems that may not be readily apparent to the naked eye.
  • To attract and assimilate “Data Focused Decision” that is needed to address the challenges of the future.