General Guidelines

  1. You can submit your manuscript to any of the following categories:
  • Academic Paper – Full paper
  • Academic Paper – Work-in-progress paper (working paper)
  • Practitioner Paper - Full paper
  • Practitioner Paper - Work-in-progress paper (working paper)
  • Other: Full Paper or Work-in-progress (working paper)

An academic paper may validate an existing theory and/or propose a new theory, analyses qualitative or quantitative data to explore issues of concern, and is essentially undertaken after a detailed review of relevant literature.

A practitioner paper would describe either some unique organizational practice(s) or problem and its resolution for one or more organizational outcome (s) pertaining to one of the themes of this conference.

  1. Your submitted manuscript must be original and unpublished. Authors must assure that information included in their submissions does not violate any copyrights issues. Any such instances of violation of copyrights will solely be the responsibility of the concerned author(s). For any copyrighted material to be used in your submission, author(s) must obtain written permission from the copyright owner.
  2. The manuscript must be submitted through the link
  3. The manuscript should be written in English.
  4. Font requirements: Font size - 12; Font type - Times New Roman; Line spacing - 1.5; Subheadings - Arial font, size 10, Bold, mixed case as opposed to all capital.