Format of the Paper

Format for the Full Paper (To Be Submitted On or Before May 30, 2021, in the word file only

  1. Title Page: First page must provide the Paper Title, Author name(s), Affiliations, and Contact details including the email and mobile number of the corresponding author. On first page please also specify the category of your manuscript from the mentioned categories in the point (a) of the General Guidelines provided above.
  2. Abstract Page: Second page should carry the abstract of not more than 300 words.
    • Abstract of an academic paper specify the main objectives of the study, indicative methodology, data, key findings, and implications.
    • Abstract of a practitioner paper should clearly provide a brief description of unique organizational practice(s) or unique resolution for one or more organizational problem(s) which would be described in the main paper. Also briefly explain as to why the practice or problem captured would interest the reader.
    • Theme of your paper: Specify from the above provided major theme(s) to which your research paper relates to.
    • Keywords (maximum five)
  3. Full Paper Format: Third page onwards you should include your full manuscript which should adhere to the following format:
    • Format of an academic paper: The full paper may have the following structure:Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology and Data; Results & Analysis, Conclusions, Tables/Figures, and References.
    • Format of a practitioner paper: The practitioner paper may have the following structure: Background, The Story, Analysis, Lessons Learned & Conclusions, References, Glossary of acronyms and corporate terms.
  4. There is no prescribed length and word limit for the full paper. However, most good journals restrict research papers to a length of 15 to 20 pages inclusive information presented in tables and exhibits.
  5. To be considered of an acceptable quality, your paper should have a clear flow and use accurate language.
  6. All the submitted papers will undergo a blind review process. The final decision on the paper will be communicated on June 30, 2021. All the accepted papers will be assigned a chair/discussant who will provide feedback during the presentation of the same.