The Eagle

The eagle bird does something remarkable. At the age, when the children of other birds just learn to chirp, a female eagle flies, holding her Chick with a paw, to the highest point. There is no such tough and tight training in the world for any other birds. The female eagle takes her Chick to a height of about 12 Km from the ground in about 7 to 9 minutes. The airplane normally flies at this height only.

Here begins the difficult test of that ninja Chick. He will be told the purpose of his life by being pushed into towering heights - at a height of about 12 Km from the ground, mother eagle leaves the chick from her claw and chick experiences an uncontrolled descend towards the earth.

For about the first 2 Km, Chick does not even know what's going on with him. After descending about 7 Km, the Chick's wings that are stuck with the composition starts to open up. About 9 Km into journey, his wings are fully opened. This is the first time in his life the chick flutters his wings.

Now at about 3000 meters away from the earth, but not yet knowing how to fly, he descends further and realizes the presence of GOD. His distance from Earth is just 700/800 meters, but his wings are not yet so strong that he can fly. Nearly 400/500 meters from the earth, he now feels that this is probably the last journey of his life. Then suddenly a claw takes hold of him and takes him in the fold of her wings. This claw is of his mother who sticks right over her and this training continues to run until he learns to fly. This is like a commando training - the world gets a falcon who hunts animals which are even ten times his weight.

- Source Unknown