Disruptions in the Indian Markets

Past decade has seen radical changes in the business world. Disruption is everywhere. From telecom to retail, financial services to IT, and pharma to travel. India is not immune to these changes. We saw several disruptions in the Indian markets that changed the shape of its markets. Reliance's big bet on Jio captured more than 20 percent of the market, and its impact on the industry has been far reaching, driving customer centric innovations and mergers and buyouts. Similarly, in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector, the regulatory thrust for better liquidity, digitization and incursions into traditional businesses by new fintech entrants is forcing financial institutions to approach their businesses differently. In India, the past decade has seen the rise and fall of many unicorns. Those still standing are the ones that have disrupted the Indian way of life. The primary trigger behind these changes is the emergence of new technologies. The panel will discuss disruptions and their impact on the Indian economy and the challenges that bigger organizations face.