Vision, Mission & Objective


To empower all for the experience of perpetual and ultimate happiness within – Ānanda


  • To create an ambiance through disciplined practices, interventions and systematic research at IIM Jammu which would enable all stakeholders to enhance mental & physical health, and attain the happiness and joy at work and personal life
  • To address problems, caused due to mental stress and anxiety, faced by the members of the institutions of higher education, industry and society.
  • To contribute towards improving management practices and policies thereby enabling joyful workplaces and organizations


  • To help students and staff members unleash their true potential and experience the perpetual happiness
  • To ensure the holistic well-being of all stakeholders through blissful and positive environment at IIM Jammu
  • To develop a value-based approach and sense of responsibility in the future leaders
  • To undertake a research to develop the theory and the practice of happiness building
  • To create sustainable social impact through the leadership development programs to create joyful workplaces and organizations