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Outgoing Exchange Students

PGP students are provided with a number of opportunities at the Institute for developing a holistic vision. One such opportunity is through the Institute's Outgoing Student Exchange. The strong and self-sustaining exchange program has been designed to help the Institute serve its purpose better and enhance academic standards. This is being established with leading schools in Europe and other parts of the world

The Outgoing Exchange of students facilitates flow of ideas between the students of IIM Jammu and the faculty and students of foreign nations. This provides them the better understanding of the methods and programs of the partnering school and enhances knowledge and skills of students. Students participating in these exchange programs seek to broaden their academic and cultural experiences. The experience contributes immensely to building of management perspective and poise.

IIM Jammu is committed to provide the international exposures to its students in the form of managerial and entrepreneurial skills. The gains from having international exposure will be helpful for them to find solutions to the most pressing management issues at the managerial and organizational levels.