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International Relations

Globalization has narrowed down the international boundaries amongst the countries across the globe. The international firms operating in the present era need young and enthusiastic managers well-versed with skills to understand the nuances and technicalities of the changing global world related to financial and consumer behavior patterns.

IIM Jammu seeks to equip its students with deep and exhaustive management education that covers all aspects of a manager’s future career growth. The course structure at IIM Jammu is carefully constructed, keeping in mind the international context. Students are given intense exposure to international business, cultures, economies and cross-border policies.

The International Relations Centre, IIM Jammu, is building academic relationship with reputed partner institutions all over the world and focus on to facilitate numerous incoming and outgoing exchange programs for students as well as faculty to ensure that students develop a profound comprehension of the various cultural, geographical, traditional and educational facets that drive and empower the efficient functioning of business entities. We believe that this exchange of faculty and students between our institutes would encourage knowledge transfer that would prove to be mutually beneficial. A global perspective to today’s management problems is not only desired, but also required to be a successful leader. It includes four major areas:

  • Student Exchange
  • Faculty Exchange
  • Joint Academic Programs
  • Joint research

We are open to exploring other opportunity areas that prospective partners envisage as tools for taking our institutions to the future.