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What are the fees for PGP at IIM Jammu?

The tuition fees for IIM Jammu shall be Rs. 12.75 lakhs+ deposits for two years. Exact amount and details of breakup will be given in the admission offer. This is inclusive of 4 weeks of International Immersion. Leading banks routinely offer educational loans at concessional terms as per Govt. of India guidelines for all IIMs including IIM Jammu.

How long will IIML mentor IIM Jammu?

IIM Lucknow has in the past successfully mentored IIM Rohtak, Kashipur and Sirmaur and would be providing similar support to IIM Jammu till the time IIM Jammu is able to handle these activities entirely on its own.

Who will be teaching at IIM Jammu ? Has it recruited good faculty members?

Recruiting full-time faculty is a fairly long process. During the mentorship period and while IIM Jammu's own faculty are recruited, faculty members from IIM Lucknow will be delivering courses at IIM Jammu. This may include a few visiting faculty selected by IIM Lucknow to meet their exacting standards. The overall design, quality and delivery of PGP will be to the standards and with direct involvement of IIM Lucknow.

How much do I have to pay while confirming my admission?

The amount is Rs. 60,000. This amount will be balanced against payment of tuition fees in the future. Of this only Rs 1000 will be retained as per GOI guidelines if the person does not actually join the institute. Details of exact amount and mode of payment will be sent with the offer of admission.

Student facilities

The Post Graduate Programme in Management at IIM Jammu is a fully residential programme and each student would be required to stay in the rooms in the hostel provided at IIM Jammu.

All students would be provided with double occupancy rooms with basic furnishings for each student comprising a cot, a mattress, a wardrobe, a table, a chair and electrical fittings). The student mess inside the campus would cater to meal requirements of the students.